The niche commercial property consultancy.
For commercial UK property investments.

22 Adelaide Street, Belfast

Investment Consultancy - Acquisitions

INPRIO specialises in the acquisition and disposal of investment properties across the UK.

We identify investment opportunities both on and off-market, covering the spectrum of longer-term income security assets to more immediate 

redevelopment and value-add propositions.

With our extensive contact network across the UK, we whittle down numerous opportunities in order to funnel the best deals to our clients.

Investment Consultancy - Disposals

We sell investment property across the UK and in all sectors but with a particular focus on office, industrial and retail sectors.

We execute effective marketing campaigns by using multiple outlets, along with specialist mail-shot software, in order to maximise

exposure and also target the right buyer.

Our professionally-designed brochures ensure the property engages the interest of the market. Our determination is always to deliver maximum value for clients.

Unit 2, Duncrue Pass, Belfast

Ailsa Court, 121 West Regent Street, Glasgow

Asset Management

INPRIO provides asset management advice across all commercial sectors.

We will work with you to generate and implement a bespoke investment strategy to optimise the performance of your property assets and portfolios.

We advise on all aspects of asset management strategy and, where appropriate, introduce best-in-class consultants to deliver a comprehensive service.

We also review your property business plans, assessing your assets with a view to unlocking or maximising value through suitable asset management initiatives.

This can include the management of your existing professional team, from letting agents to lease advisory surveyors, also providing over-arching strategic advice in respect of rent reviews, lease expiries and break clauses.

Development Consultancy

INPRIO  specialises in development consultancy and covers both cleared-site opportunities and the redevelopment or extension of existing property assets.

We cover all property sectors, specialising in office, retail and industrial and on behalf of land owners, property companies and local developers.

We draw upon our extensive research and market knowledge in order to inform the most appropriate uses for development opportunities.

We will work in conjunction with your team of professional advisors to assess the overall viability and feasibility of proposed or potential developments in order to unlock maximum value.

Chancery House, 88 Victoria Street, Belfast